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99th Saint Thomas Vestry Meeting – Looking To The Future


Saint Thomas held its 99th Vestry Meeting this past Sunday and a brief synopsis would be that we are in great financial shape, our outreach programs are stronger than ever, we elected by acclamation a full slate of church officers, we have a forecasted budget with a modest surplus, and we very much look forward to the planned celebrations in our centennial year.

After the formalities of calling the meeting to order, appointing Mike Roberts as the Vestry Clerk and approving the minutes of the last Vestry Meeting and approving this year’s meeting agenda, we got down the at the business at hand.  The new and improved Columbarium Bylaws were passed and this should be one of the final steps before the columbarium goes into place. A big thank you to Susan for all her work on this project over the past many months.  We then moved to the presentation of the various reports.  All the reports were accepted after a few amendments, one being to Thank Rita and the Choir for their continued great work.

We then took a look at the Financial Report.  The Report noted that there was increased funding from the following areas: envelope offerings, Christmas offerings, fundraising from the Church Bazaar, Church rentals and the Lenten Project.  It was also noted that the mortgage on the Rectory was paid off in September.  Next was Elections and appointments.  As mentioned above all the positions were filled by acclimation and Cliff Caprani took over the position of Warden from Don Henry who stepped down after forty-six years of leadership and service to St Thomas.  Signing officers were also appointed and voted upon and approved.

In the presentation of the Budget Susan noted that even with a number of contingency items such as hiring a part time secretary that we have not as yet decided to go ahead with, we are still projecting a modest budgetary surplus for next year.  Susan also wanted to thank Monica for auditing the books again this year.

In Other Business the question was asked and then referred to Church Council to see if we can get more BAS books and CP books for the church pews.  It was also noted that the people in the Pastoral Circle do a great job of visiting our shut-in parishioners and that their work is much appreciated.  It was also noted that the Church Council should look into what we are charging for church hall rentals and check to see how competitive are with similar such rentals in the area.

We also talked about restarting the Outreach Committee and if anyone is interested in joining please contact Patrick.  Then at some length the plans for our upcoming Centennial year were discussed.  The actual plans and celebrations and dates will be posted on the website in the next few weeks.  Please look for them there.  There was then an update on the Canonical Process and Patrick said a Canonical Committee will be struck in September and will be given eight to twelve months to find a new Incumbent Priest.

In Other Business Suri noted that his family had been coming to St Thomas for almost 10 years and wanted to thank all for the well wishes and cards of support.  The meeting was then adjourned, we said Grace and then headed downstairs for our lunch.

A very big thank you to all who helped to make this Vestry meeting such a great success!


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