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A New Plaque For Our Inductees To The Order Of The Diocese Of New Westminster


A new plaque will be formally unveiled this Sunday and it is to recognize those in our congregation who have been made members of The Order of the Diocese ofNew Westminster.  The plaque will be in the inner Narthex and beside it will be pictures of the inductees receiving their award from the Bishop.  Our two inductees are of course Linda Tobias (2009) and Peggy Upton (2010).

The plaque reads:

“Under the authority of the Bishop of New Westminster and with the approval of the Diocesan Council an award was created titled the Order of the Diocese of New Westminster. The purpose of the Order is the special recognition and honour of those members of the laity in the Diocese who have given outstanding service over a significant period of time in their volunteer ministry. Awards of the Order are made from time to time, usually annually, by the Bishop at a Diocesan Celebration and Choral Eucharist service at the Cathedral Church of the Diocese. Each award is presented personally by the Bishop to the inductee.

This plaque is to honor those individuals from Saint Thomas Church who have been awarded the Order of the Diocese of New Westminster.  It is also to thanks each inductee for their years of service and their ministry to this church and the Diocese.  Saint Thomas is very proud to list the following members of our church to be inductees to the Order of the Diocese of New Westminster”.

We are so please to have this plaque as a permanent recognition of outstanding service to our church by individuals from its current membership and for many years to come.

Our thanks also to Mike Roberts for hanging the plaque and pictures and taking the photograph.


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