St Thomas Anglican Church


A Poem by the late Fr. Ivan Ramirez


In memory of the late Rev. Ivan Ramirez, our resident poet Alejandro read a poem written by the former Santo Tomas priest in both its native Spanish and in translated English. Elena Ramirez, the widow of Fr. Ramirez visiting from San Fransisco was with us for the service. Listen to the poem below in Spanish or read the translated English text.

Listen to the Poem in Spanish: Download Mp3


Above the table a book
below the letter the truth.

Above the earth the sun
below the silence the stars.

Above of loneliness the fear
below the sleep the pain.

Above the women the man
below the desire the love.

Above the world the mess
below the appearances the reality.

Above the night the mystery
below the darkness the light.

Above time the death
below the life God.


Revd. Ivan Silverio Ramirez
Vancouver, B.C. December, 2002
Translated by: Alejandro Mujica-Olea


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