St Thomas Anglican Church


The History of St Thomas


Saint Thomas Anglican Church was built on its present site almost 100 years ago, and has been a gathering place for Christian worship, spiritual nurture, and outreach ever since. The parish welcomed its first rector in 1914, and soon had to construct a Sunday School building to accommodate the growing number of families joining the congregation. In 1955, St. Thomas celebrated the completion of an expansion to the church building and the opening of the church hall that stands today.

Below is a video of a monologue, written by Rev. Patrick Blaney, performed by Nicky Stowell, to commemorate the 100th anniversary

Filmed & edited by Cliff Caprani. Watch on Youtube.

Click here for Mr. J. Sluggett’s compilation of the first 60 years of St Thomas’ history with pictures.

Below is a video about the history of the church with interviews of members of the congregation.

Filmed & edited by Cliff Caprani. Watch on Youtube.

II. Parish History in Brief

1911 Land donated and building erected
1912 First Service held January 7:175 in attendanceFirst Sunday School held 14:31 children attended, First Wedding, January 29First Baptism, February 4, First Woman’s Auxiliary Branch organized March 15First Vestry meeting held April 10
1914 First Rector inducted November 27
1922 First Sunday School building erected
1937 25th Anniversary Celebrated
1945 Rectory build
1953 Mortgage burned
1955 Enlarged Church and New Parish Hall dedicated
1962 50th Anniversary Celebrated
1965 Foster Children Program begun
1967 Church consecrated by Bishop Gower
1971 Amalgamation of St Timothy’s into St Thomas
1977 Major renovations of buildings65th Anniversary Celebrated
1980 Rectory demolished
1983 New Yamaha piano acquired
1985 Archbishop Hambidge dedicated Rodgers Organ replacing a cherished pipe organ
1987 75th Anniversary celebrated
1992 New Rectory build-occupied September
1997 Vote to pursue merger with Church of Good Shepherd and 85th Anniversary celebrated
19987 Vote to not continue with merger plans with church of Good Shepherd
1999 Worship space renovated