St Thomas Anglican Church


Our Community


We recently ask our parishioners to write one sentence about what St Thomas means to them.  Here are some of there responses:

“A peaceful community gathering and holy worship of God amongst friends”.

“A moment for peace and reflection”.

“St Thomas is my refuge, my school, and my community”.

“Fellowship and Friendship”.

“St. Thomas is where my own family began”.

“St. Thomas is my Christian Home”.

“St. Thomas is my extended home away from home, and the people here are my Family”.

“St. Thomas is a place to call home and a place to see old friends”.

“My Home and Family”.

“The Church is the roof of our home and life”.

“St. Thomas was my first home in Canada, when we arrived in B.C. first”.

“St. Thomas is like coming home because so many of us from St Johns came (when invited!) and have been made so welcome”.

“Love Family Hugs Music”.

“St. Thomas is my warm loving and caring family”.

“I love St. Thomas because there is a warm welcome for everyone, just everyone, even if they come just to Praise God,  who lovingly covers all”.

“St. Thomas is my spiritual home and family”.

“St. Thomas is where my spirituality is enhanced to it’s fullest, when, depending on the week, the up lifting music of the organ and guitars resonates within the building”.

“St. Thomas means worshipping God in the love and fellowship of its congregation”.

“The Lord is Good”.

“St. Thomas means a place of Peace and contentment to me”.

“We are a kind and caring and forward looking Church”.

“We are a caring and inclusive community”

“I love St Thomas Church because it’s members love me”!



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