St Thomas Anglican Church


Our Faith


Anglicans are known by their Worship.
We gather each week to celebrate Christ among us.
We receive the Bread and Wine and share Christ’s life among us.
We pray that we would live as the Body of Christ is the world.
Here are some of our prayers that we seek to live

Statement of Faith

O God, the source of our being
and the goal of all our longing.
We believe and trust in You.
The whole earth is alive with Your glory,
and all that has life is sustained by You.
We commit ourselves to cherish Your world,
and to seek Your face.

O God, embodied in a human life,
we believe and trust in You.
Jesus, born of the woman Mary,
You confronted the proud and powerful,
and welcomed as Your friends
those of no account.

Holy Wisdom of God, Jesus,
You emptied Yourself of power,
and became foolishness for our sake.
You labored with us upon the cross,
and have brought us forth
to the hope of resurrection.

We commit ourselves to struggle against evil and to choose life.
O God, life-giving Spirit,
Spirit of healing and comfort,
of integrity and truth,
We believe and trust in You.
Warm winded Spirit, brooding over creation,
rushing wind and Pentecostal fire,
we commit ourselves to work with You
and renew our world.  Amen

St Thomas Parish Prayer

Life giving God, you have given us hope and steadfastness in our life as a parish. You have instilled generosity and compassion within us and among us. Encourage us to hold fast to this within our parish, and fill us with vision and courage, as we seek to be more deeply connected with our wider community and our neighbourhood. Inspire us with your justice and peace through Christ Jesus. Amen

Offertory Prayer

Rather than build up a world that pursues power for its own ends, a church that seeks security for itself, a community that has too much, or an attitude that finds respect for only those that achieve, we offer you our gifts and ourselves, gracious God. May we work together with you to build up a world in which your justice, your values, and your vision are lived and honoured by all. Amen

Prayer After Communion

We pray then, good and gracious God, that we might recognize you in this breaking of bread today. It is the bread of heaven, the bread of the poor, the bread of our lives. May we recognize you every time we join someone on a journey, every time we share a meal, every time we take bread into our hands. And may this recognition call forth such a  joy in us that we might never lose sight of your goodness. Amen.

You Have Called Your People

This is a prayer for God’s guidance into living faithfully in the world and in facing personal challenges and decisions

You have called your people
to ventures of which we cannot see the ending,
by paths untrodden,
through perils unknown.

Give us the faith to go with good courage,
not knowing where we go,
but only that your hand is leading us,
and your love supporting us,
through Jesus, the Christ. Amen

Anglicans gather for Worship and share in The Communion, share in the bread and wine in praying to be Christ’s body, Christ’s people of justice and peace here, now.  A prayer that captures our worship and belief is this:

Living God,
when we do not understand, we gather by this table.
When mystery stretches ever wider, we break bread.
When the wonder is more than our souls can hold,
we share the cup.
Holy, holy, holy God,
breathing, living, resurrected Saviour,
peace- making, truth telling, world changing Spirit,
hear us as we have broken bread together,
in the eternal echo of new life,
now and forever more. Amen


A Prayer at the end of Worship, the dismissal as we go out to live our life in faithfulness speaks also to what our Worship is about:

As you have been fed at this Eucharistic Table,
go feed the hungry.
As you have been set free,
go free the imprisoned.
As you have received—give.
As you have heard——proclaim,
And the blessing which you have received
from The Creator, Christ and Spirit go with you always.  Amen