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Celebration and Thanks


Ron Wickens

On Sunday, May the second St Thomas recognized two very important people in our church.  The first was the anniversary to ordination of our very own Honorary Assistant Priest, Ron Wickens.  Forty-eight years ago upon that date Ron was ordained to the Priesthood.  Because he continues to look so vital and young, he must have been ordained when he was twelve years old, Patrick noted.  Ron preached and presided at the service and in honour of this special event a cake was provided at the fellowship following the service.  Congratulations to Ron and Pat and may Ron have many more years as our Honorary Assistant Priest! Please see our link to find out more about Ron.

We also took the time to thank Dennis Yonge for his incredible work on the church bulletins.  Each week

Dennis Yonge

Dennis puts together the bulletin on his computer at home and does a wonderful job of making it look professional and readable.  As well each week, he and Mary come in and fold all the bulletins and put them in place.  This is a much needed and valuable ministry to the church and the congregation warmly thanked Dennis for all his hard work.  Thanks a million Dennis!  Please see our Gallery to see pictures of these events.


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