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Centennial Poetry by Alejandro Mujica-Olea


Our centennial poet, Alejandro Mujica-Olea has written 9 new poems in celebration of St Thomas at 100 years. You can find all eleven poems at our centennial poetry page.



  1. Dilia Ochoa Alvarado 12:41pm Apr 5 says:

    Congratulations Dear…
    Dilia Ochoa Alvarado 12:41pm Apr 5
    Congratulations Dear Alejandro Mujica-Olea on your award, is amazing have a great talent in our community. I love your poems they have a great message, very inspiring, Alejandro keep on sharing your talent. God bless you and have a Happy Easter.

  2. Cristina Dinamarca 4:37pm Apr 5 says:

    Que tal. Felicitaciones en hacer lo que le gusta mas en su tarea de trabajo y de educaion de tipo poetico cultural y creativo.

  3. Rosa Brand-Canadas. says:

    It is a real honor to know that you are part of the Centennial great celebration of St Thomas Anglican Church, as a member and as a poet, giving all the beautiful expressions of love, caring, and the recognition of the valuable work the church has demonstrated during these 100 years. Your poem is a precious bouquet of blessings for the centennial celebration. SALUD!

  4. The Rev Hilario Cisneros says:

    Good for us the Latinos promoting high levels of education throughout poretry. Felicidades Alejandro.

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