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Centennial Poetry by Alejandro Mujica-Olea

Our centennial poet, Alejandro Mujica-Olea has written 9 new poems in celebration of St Thomas at 100 years. You can find...


A Poem by the late Fr. Ivan Ramirez

In memory of the late Rev. Ivan Ramirez, our resident poet Alejandro read a poem written by the former Santo Tomas priest...


Invitations to all out present and past congregants and clergy will go out in early November.  If you should be on our list and do not receive an invitation, please contact us so we can update our contact information.

  • Centennial logo competition
  • Centennial Cook Book (Now available for order – Only $9!)
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  • The Photo Project and Display
  • Ten Decades, Ten Stories – A Documentary film byCliff Caprani
  • Saturday, June 9 Team
  • Our Poet Laureate Project

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Centennial Cookbook


The centennial committee have completed and are in the process of releasing a Cookbook in celebration of our one hundredth anniversary. It features over 200 recipes in a 130 page spiral bound publication and includes 20 pages of photos from our archives. The Cookbook will be available in late November for only $9.

Download a preview of our cookbook.

Alejandro, our resident poet, has contributed two poems for the Cookbook. Sonatas in Love Mayor and Tea or Coffee are available as a preview in pdf format.