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Centennial Poetry



Alejandro Mujica-Olea is a St Thomas parishioner who has been very involved in poetry throughout his life in his native Chile and here in Canada (where he became a Canadian citizen in 1980 in Edmonton Alberta). He is an accomplished and award winning poet and has published 5 books in poetry. For our centennial year, Alejandro is serving as our Poet Laureate and has released a number of poems on the centennial.

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Saint Thomas is One Hundred Years

One hundred years of blessings
one hundred smiles of his parishioners.
One hundred years of life and death,
are on the right hand of God the Father
watching us and glorifying from
Heaven, to live a hundred years.
We lived because have tolerance
and we know how to welcome
new immigrants,
new brothers in faith.

We gardeners of faith and love
that has never stopped growing.
God and the Guardian Angels
are with us.
We are many souls
all colors
who form the pillars
the Church of Sant Thomas.
We celebrate with joy and love,
faith in Jesus Christ our redeemer.

By: Alejandro Mujica Olea
Translated by: Ariadne Sawyer


A Pianist in Autumn

Dedicated to Rita Attrott.

The fingers
of the pianist
into butterflies
white and red
those that fly
above the slope
of crystalline and frozen waters.

Your musical notes
transport me
to the costal city
of Vancouver
where nature
paints the leaves
with a rainbow brush.

Petals of trees
that dance the melody
with the agility
of a ballet dance.
What peace in the soul
when the notes are heard
interpreted on the piano
in the Canadian autumn.

By Alejandro Mujica-Olea (C)
Translated by Ariadne Sawyer.


God, Take My Hand

Oh God, take my hand
and guide me through the storm
of berries and roses,
despite their beauty and sweetness they hurt my skin.

God, do not allow my small light
of poet blind others with jealousy.
God, allow me to keep the joy
given by the love of a woman.

Oh God, teach me to walk
in this mundane world,
in this new life where the weight of the years
falls on my back and submerge into the ground.

God, my tree’s bark has aged,
but my heart still beats
fast in the deepest rivers of my being
resembling a newborn destined to love.

Oh God, take my hand
and guide me
through the path of love, faith,
justice and peace on this earth.

By Alejandro Mujica-Olea
Translated by Elvira Quintana-Rivas


Jesus, I Thank You For Who I Am

Jesus, I call your name,
crying for your love.
Jesus responds
through the breeze at dusk,
poet Mujica,
your flesh has walked beside pain.

Jesus, I thank you for who I am
Jesus, I pray for helping this last dawn,
help me grow like the light of the wisdom
in my mature years, spread honey on my poems
for the church and for my beloved Teresa,
her heart beats a song for me.

Jesus, in the face of the earth,
grant me perfection,
in my love towards you and Teresa,
gift me with finesse in my poetry,
with health and wealth.
Jesus, I thank you for who I am.

By Alejandro Mujica-Olea
Translated by Elvira Quintana-Rivas



In prayer, geometric shapes
can be oval, line, circle, rectangle, triangle,
accordion, or cross-shaped.
The union of brothers as a guide,
here is important harmony, love, faith,
together in preaching God’s Temple.

Parishioners let’s pray together
to our redeemer
in the house of our Heavenly Father,
or in the home of the sister or the brother.

The divine symmetric forms
of good wishes in the plea
we get the Holy Spirit
as a spiral of smoke
cross skies to reach
the ear of the Father.

Brothers, sisters, priest united
by a divine force of love
who is the center, the channel, the bridge,
the elevator that reaches God.

By: Alejandro Mujica-Olea
Translated by:  Elvira Quintana-Rivas


100 years of Saint Thomas

In the clocks of time,
marked in sand,
marked in salt,
marked in the sun,
marked memories,
marked time in ages,
marked in lives that passed through Saint Thomas.

One hundred years having served
with faith and knowledge
that formed many flocks
beings of faith, justice and peace.
Today they are the beacon that guides 100 years
the dawn of another century of humanity
God and his people with vineyards and wheat fields.

God is above
its congregation is down for a hundred years
at the dawn of time
the eternal tree
where under the stars
deepen our roots in the land
the wood of the temple.

We are our own God
white light of mystery
mother church of the ages
divine water of faith every Sunday
flower-strewn roads
germinate life and death
the kiss of the century, peace and harmony.

By: Alejandro Mujica Olea
Translated by: Ariadne Sawyer


Tea or Coffee

For a hundred years
in the kitchen
there is a murmur
of joy
worker bees
in the hive of love and faith.

Smiling Angels
where is the delicious palate
they are the creators
of coffee and tea
cookies, candy,
cheese, and all those delicacies.

Ladies are the violins of sacrifice
blessed in their
voluntary dedication,
labor of love for the
brothers and sisters,
emerald faith and friendship.

In your dedicated
Sunday best
friendship reigns
and the desire to share
and know a little more
between the friends of faith.

In the last hundred years
happy parishioners
gather around a table
with God as pure love.
One hundred years of faith and hope.
A better world on earth…

By:Alejandro Mujica-Olea ©
Translated by: Ariadne Sawyer


The Altar

In the breeze at dusk
God’s hands placed the seeds,
the seeds the squirrels planted
in the womb of the mother earth.

The forest was born and it grew so tall
the branches reached the daily sun
and the twilight stars at night.
The squirrels became cheerful and
the birds sang joyfully.

By its bark, the tree
is identified with
the family it belongs,
vital lung of the planet,
mother earth’s fertilizer.

The tree was cut down,
its life knocked down with its last breath.
With a saw its body was logged
on boards its grain was let seen,
on fine wood for the church and the altar.

A carpenter named Joseph,
with love from board to board
built the altar where we celebrate
the Last and New Supper.
Reigns the Holy Spirit in St. Thomas.

By: Alejandro Mujica-Olea
Translated into English by: Elvira Quintana-Rivas.


The Sea and God

The sea beats and hits the rock,
the sea hits and hits the rock,
the sea hits and hits the rock.
The imposing rock pushes out
his chest proud and indestructible.

There will come a second, a minute
a time, day and year
when with a well-aimed blow
the sea will split the rock in two,
as cancer wanted to
cut me in two.

The sea beats and beats
one rock against another rock,
the sea hits and hits
one rock against another rock,
the sea hits and hits
one rock against another rock.

The sea little by little
converts the rocks
into smaller stones
and these little stones into sand.
The sea moves the sand
wherever she wants them to be.

God does the same process
in our youth
we are the rocks
in our middle age
we are the sand.

By:Alejandro Mujica-Olea ©
Translated by: Ariadne Sawye


The Choir

A: To the choir of St. Thomas Anglican Church

The concert choir with joy
sweet and harmonious voices,
canaries on the land
voices of celestial trumpets
sing to our God each week.

Voices accompanied by a pianist
with her hands like fluttering butterfly
over the piano keyboard
give the melody of joy, hope
and praise that go to heaven, to our God.

An organ and its ensamble cry out with sounds
of gifts of the Holy Spirit, Jesus,
to our God, to his parish and to our priest.
A church without a choir is as cold
as a Canadian winter

Alejandro Mujica-Olea
Translated by: Marjorie Henry


A Guitar Group

Dedicated to the Guitar Group of St. Thomas

Five women sway
like daffodils in the breeze of faith,
in this spring, number 100.
They sing melodies of love
Holy, Holy, Holy

“Holy, Holy, Holy,
My heart, my heart adores you.
My heart is glad to say the word,
You are holy Lord.
Holy, holy, holy.”

Two flowers with guitars
say: tiri, tiri, tiri, tin,tin,
tiri, tiri, tiri,tin, tin.
Five flowers sing
Holy, Holy, Holy.

A base with moustache and glasses
accompanies: doon, doon, doon doom.
doon, doon, doon, doom.
Five flowers sing in tune,
Holy, Holy, Holy.

A tambourine with skirt
play tiriring, tiriring, tiriring.
The guitars say tiri, tiri, tiri, tin, tin.
A base accompanies with doon, doon, doon, doom.
Five daffodils sing Holy, Holy, Holy.

By: Alejandro Mujica-Olea
Translated by: Marjorie Henry


Divine Treasure is Faith

To come to church without Faith is an insult to the soul.
To come to church without Faith is to come without a heart.

Faith is to accept the gentle love of God.
Faith is a treasure in the mind of humans.
Faith is divine; one lives and dies by it.
Faith lights and burns like flames.
Faith is the power of salvation.
Faith is to have trust in Jesus.

Divine Treasure in our mind is Faith.
Divine Treasure is Faith without doubt, without scientific proof.

Faith is to obey and trust in God.
Faith is the hope of going to the Kingdom of God.
Faith is pleasing to God.
Faith is a pact between man and God.
Faith is our salvation.
Faith does miracles.

Divine Treasure is Faith in accepting God, his Son and the Holy Spirit.
Divine Treasure is Faith in Mary, mother of Jesus.

By: Alejandro Mujica-Olea
Translated by: Marjorie Henry



  1. Maria Teresa Rivas says:

    Congratulations to Alejandro for his appointment as Laureate Poet during the commemoration of the church’s 100 years. His poems are profound and bring us closer to God; their ecclesiastical input is beautiful.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Good poems! Congratulations from the World Poetry Family around the world.
    Hope the inspiration helps us to forgive and to be in harmony.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Lovely poems!


    Dear partner, brother, congratulations on this huge
    step that you have given opening paths in this narrow corridor that is the life.


    Dear Alejandro, brother mine!
    How beautiful the evening
    Because we are filled with hope;
    Today I wish to express my burning desire,
    The desire here in my heart; today I wish to tell
    Of a light most brilliant in space;
    oh, must I reveal it now?

    Now that the rain falls from the heavens, those tears of joy,
    It matters not that the wind whirls excitedly about,
    My words, fired up with emotion,
    Become eddying swirls.

    Alejandro, I must tell you, my friend,
    How honourable the example you set for us,
    Leading us down a path we may all tread upon.

    I must tell you, dear friend,
    That the heart of time beats,
    Stripping its flowers of their petals,
    And our poetic sentiment
    Wears a pirate’s robes
    To sail into your past and across the pages
    Of your book’s

    The stairway to your secrets is now unobstructed,
    There you lie, your flesh all exposed,
    in the hands of your brothers and sisters.
    Today your voice of silence is unleashed,
    As do clouds unleash a storm.

    In the name of this world of poets
    Do I give thanks to your family
    For standing by your side, their strength supporting your deeds
    That into uncharted seas are cast,
    The waters from which your tranquil tears reign
    To form those pearls of serenity.

  5. Esmeralda says:

    Good for you Alejandro. Congratulation

  6. Ceri Naz says:

    Very inspiring and enlightening! Keep on sharing your light to the world Alejandro..

  7. Peter Lojewski says:

    Well done, looking foreword for more enjoyable poems to read.

  8. Anita Aguirre-Nieveras says:

    Now you’re not only political, you’ve turned into
    religious poetry. Congratulatios on your award. God bless

  9. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations to Alejandro for his appointment as Laureate Poet during the commemoration of the church’s 100 years. His poems are profound and bring us closer to God; their ecclesiastical input is beautiful

  10. Beatriz Palmieri says:

    Felicitaciones amigo!

  11. Edna Kovacs says:

    These epiphanies glow like candles across the page bestowing warmth, wisdom and hope.
    Congratulations , Alejandro!

  12. Gastón Segura says:

    Sentido y curioso

  13. Dilia Ochoa Alvarado says:

    Congratulation Dear Alejandro on your award, is amazing have a great talent in our Community.I love your poems they have a great message, very inspiring keep on sharing your talent. God Bless you and have a Happy Easter.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Felicitaciones Alejandro, hermosos poemas!

  15. Daniela Escolar says:

    Muy buenos poemas Alejandro, te felicito!!

  16. Alara Bretanne says:

    Congratulations on your poet laureate status. I enjoyed reading all of your poems and particularly liked A Pianist In Autumn, Tea or Coffee, The Altar and The Sea and God. These seemed musical to me and could be made into song. Keep up the wonderful work.

  17. Lucia Gorea says:

    Dear Alejandro,

    Congratulations on your nomination as Poet Laureate. You make us all proud.
    Your poems inspire and send clear messages. Your verses enchant the soul and invite to meditation. They are poignant and profound. Beautiful!

  18. Bernice Lever says:

    Wonderful writing. Alejandro! Obviously, the spirit of God moves in your words, lifting you up to praise this fine church: Saint Thomas. You have created delightful metaphors: the butterfly fingers of the pianist. As Alara said, your pomes seem hymns in honouring your church for its century of service to in sharing God’s love. Your lovely please and honest prayers will make countless lives better as your words will travel their own path for many years through many countries. Bless and your poetic works, this Happy Easter Day.

  19. Simon Hector Moya-Ceron says:

    DEAR CO ALEJANDERO :Thanks dear friend in God and Jesus for mailing me your last poetic works plenty of faith and hope the most important ingredients to fight the spiritual evils sorrounding our world,ingredients also necesary to fight the material horrors,hunger,wars,greed,enviromental abuses and other atrocities like social injustices and so on.God bless you

  20. Cliff Caprani says:

    What an inspired choice by Rev Patrick, to ask Alejandro to be our Poet Laureate. Alejandro has been equal to the challenge: well done !

  21. a friend says:

    I am proud to be a friend of someone who can compose works of art as you do.

  22. Doug says:

    Alejandro, an excellent collection of poetry.

    I especially enjoyed the piece de resistance, “A Guitar Group”. I will forever picture them at the front of the church as the five swaying daffodils plus glasses and moustache.

    By the way, as odd as it seems, for moustache’s guitar, it is bass (like the fish)