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Diocesan News: Bishop Participates in Spirituality Panel


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On Maundy Thursday, April 17th, Bishop Melissa Skelton participated in a CBC Radio spirituality panel discussion to be aired Monday, April 21st at 4:40pm on the province-wide show On the Coast. If you’d like to listen live, it will be on CBC Radio One: 88.1 FM or 690 AM — or online via – just select your region in the CBC Radio One box.

Hosted by Stephen Quinn, Bishop Melissa was joined by Rabbi Dan Moskovitz (Senior Rabbi, Temple Sholom in Vancouver) and Aasim Rashid (Islamic scholar {Mufti}, and Director of Religion and Islamic Education with the BC Muslim Association).

The three religious leaders were asked to reflect on the current state of the world and how that relates to spirituality and to a couple of specific stories currently in the news. How the three answered and how they interacted with each other may surprise you. Well worth listening to. –

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