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Improvements To The Rectory


Home Improvements To The Rectory

A very important part of effective stewardship is properly maintaining the physical resources of the church.  Obviously one of our primary physical resources at St Thomas is our Rectory and Church Council has over that past few weeks has undertaken many replacements and improvements.  Many thanks go to Mike Roberts for seeing the work gets done in a timely and cost effective manner.  Our current resident Hergy and Trudy are very thankful for all the work Mike has done, and extend their thanks to the whole church for the proper upkeep of the Rectory.


Here is what we have done so far

Double paned glass replaced in master bedroom

Replaced some ceiling light fixtures on the main level

Replaced dishwasher

Replaced washer & dryer

Replaced all toilet seats

Installed a light near the shower

Replaced faucet in wash basin in the washer/dryer room

Replaced Garage Door Opener

Replaced Smoke Detectors

Replaced Door Knob in Bedroom

Repaired Heat register covers

Repaired Back Door Deadbolt

Re-Caulked areas in the bathroom

Replaced Counter Top in the kitchen

Replaced Landscaping in the front yard

Power washed Exterior walls, washed exterior windows

Gutter and Roof Cleaning


Things to still be done

Landscaping in the backyard

Replace all carpet and lino with wooden floor


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