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Lenten project 2016 Info on CNIS


CNIS Vision Statement:
To empower low-income countries to create an environment where the risk from injuries is minimal and all people receive adequate surgical and obstetrical care.

The Canadian Network for International Surgery was incorporated in 1995 with the goal of decreasing the number of people in low-income countries who die from treatable surgical problems. The resources required to deliver the needed essential surgical and obstetrical care are huge and cannot be provided simply by direct service. One in twenty-two women in sub-Saharan Africa dies a maternal death – and the life of her
unborn child is often lost as well. To address the critical surgical and obstetrical shortage, CNIS developed a capacity-building model in which Canadian and African specialists are educated to train local practitioners in life-saving skills. The CNIS has
developed focused courses for specific surgical and obstetrical problems as well as programs that address surgery and obstetrics at the community level. This includes the Fundamental Intervention, Referral and Safe Transfer (FIRST for Midwives) course which address the educational needs of Midwives who provide service at the community level.


CNIS internal and external evaluations show that the combination of course delivery is an effective learning methodology and ultimately will help improve maternal mortality and morbidity rates in rural Tanzania. The Fundamental Interventions, Referral and
Safe Transfer (FIRST) course provides midwifery students with a skill
set to deal with immediate basic surgical issues and the knowledge as to when and how to successfully transfer a patient requiring additional care. This is a key element in building health capacity in Tanzania as the death rate for patients being transferred from the local community to a district hospital is high. Midwives are in a unique position to identify congenital abnormalities in newborns therefore as part of the FIRST for midwives course identification of congenital abnormalities which will benefit from early diagnosis and referral is taught.

All financial support provided by St. Thomas will directed to the training of nurse midwives in Tanga Tanzania.



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