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Congregational Meeting – October 15 2017


Dear St. Thomas Parishioner,

The wardens have received a significant amount of feedback from regular church service attendees that indicates dissatisfaction with the recent changes to aspects of the worship service.  Several members of our congregation have chosen to express their views in letters addressed to the St. Thomas Worship Committee.   However, not everyone has expressed their views about worship.

It is timely, then, to make an opportunity for the members of the St. Thomas vestry to meet to share views with each other how to make worship a meaningful experience.  This kind of discussion must happen in a safe environment.  Therefore, the wardens have engaged Tasha Carruthers to help us.  Tasha works in the Synod Office and has expertise in congregational development.  You are warmly invited to attend the meeting and to express to others what worship practices make the services most nourishing for you.

Your wardens assessed that this discussion must take place as soon as possible.  Therefore, the meeting about worship will take place after the worship service on October 15.  This date had already been set aside for a congregational meeting about alternative worship space during our upcoming renovations.  That meeting, to vote on the alternative worship space, will occur on October 29, 2017, immediately after the worship service.

You can expect that notes about your worship preferences will be taken and given to the St. Thomas’ Parish Council for their deliberation with our Priest, Michael Batten.   Please know that that this is a consultation process.  While Parish Council will try, there can be no expectation that  everyone’s preferences will be enacted.

In summary, October 15th is a congregational meeting about nourishing worship practices and October 29th is about alternative worship space during the renovations.


Yours truly,

Colin Ensworth                                                           Surya Gummadi

Rector’s Warden                                                         People’s Warden

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