St Thomas Anglican Church


Letter to the Parishioners


Dear St. Thomas Parishioner

Pursuant to Federal and Provincial laws and the Canadian Anti-SPAM Act, institutions that collect personal information must disclose the purpose for which that information will be used and obtain permission from each person to use their personal information for that purpose.

St. Thomas’ Anglican Church (STAC) collects personal from persons who become members of STAC. STAC records personal information in order to make the STAC Church Directory so that you can be contacted by the rector or another church leader for the church purposes. STAC will not release, sell, rent or exchange your personal information.  The policy that governs our use of your personal information can be found in the Diocese of New Westminster Privacy Policy.  This is available on the World Wide Web ( and may also be obtained by written request to an STAC warden.

With this letter, you are notified that should you not tell a STAC warden (Colin or Surya) in writing that you do not want your personal information used as described above, STAC will regard your non-response as you having given permission.  Alternatively, you may complete and return to the church office the form printed on the back of this letter.

Yours truly,


Colin Ensworth                                                                        Surya Gummadi

Rector’s Warden                                                                     People’s Warden\

Download a printable PDF

Personal Information Consent Form


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