St Thomas Anglican Church


More Improvements Around The Church


You will likely have noticed in the past couple of months a few more improvements to the church and we thought we would take the time to list them for you here. There have been some fairly major upgrades in the plumbing.  The flusher was replaced and pipe secured in the wall for the urinal in the Men’s Washroom.  As well in the Men’s Washroom the toilet had to be replaced.  Finally, the main water pipe from the foundation of the building leading into the furnace room was replaced, wrapped in heat trace, and covered in insulation to prevent freezing.

The exit on the south-west corner of the church has seen some major improvements as well.  The old wooden doors which were hard to lock properly were completely replaced by a single steel door.  This door has now bee painted and looks and works great!  As well, the stairs to that exit were rotting away and were completely replaced and railings were added for safety.

The first two panels of the accessibility ramp on the East side of the church were rotting as well.  They have been replaced and the whole ramp has been painted. We are looking into putting new material on the ramp to make it less slippery when it freezes overnight. Thanks to our handy man Gord for doing a large part of the repairs and a big thank you also to Mike Roberts for organizing and taking care of all the details of the work for the church.


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