St Thomas Anglican Church


New And Improved Phone Messaging System For The Church


The phone number for the church is the same (604-434-6111), but we have a new system for leaving messages.  When you call and if no one is there to answer you will hear a greeting and be prompted to choose one of three voice-mailbox options:

1) Will give you information about our service times and about our website.

2) Will give you the private and confidential voice-mailbox of the Reverend Patrick Blaney

3) Will give you the voice-mailbox of the general office.

We have noticed that once you have been given the three options, you have to make your choice fairly quickly or a voice will say that the system is full, which it is not.  If you are having any problems with the new system please do let us know.  Messages are checked daily, (with the possible exception of Friday) and you should be able to get through.  The reason for the change is that the new system now allows someone to leave a private and/or confidential voice message to the Priest as may be required.  It also allows us to give a little more information about our service times and our website.  Again, if you have any concerns or questions please contact the office and we will be glad to help.  A special thank you to Mike Roberts for setting up the system for us.


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