St Thomas Anglican Church


Our New Ramp


With the help of Mike Roberts and Arlene Henry and Ross Smith as well as the Church Council and the rest of the Accessibility Team, St Thomas has a new Ramp.  The new ramp replaces the old one on the east-side of the church and gives access to people with mobility issues to more easily reach our church sanctuary.  The old ramp was rotting and the surface was very slippery in the rain and snow.  The new ramp’s surface has a roofing material that should provide traction in all sorts of weather conditions.

A very special thank you needs to go to Gord our resident handy man for completing the project in time for our Sunday service, even though he had to do it in the rain.  This is of course an important improvement for the church as we do have a number of parishioners with mobility issues, and it is just a part of the overall plan of the Accessibility Team and the MAP Process of having our whole building accessible in the near future.


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