St Thomas Anglican Church


Prayer Chain at St. Thomas


PrayerWould you like folks at St. Thomas to pray for you?

If you have any concerns for yourself or others, please let us know and our parishioners with the Prayer Chain will pray for you (or any situation you indicate).

The way the Prayer Chain works is that Marjoie, the co-ordinator, receives the request and she contacts the next person who contacts the next person…

There are 9 people in all who pray daily for any who request prayer.

This is completely confidential. Marjorie or the Priest, Margaret will contact (if you are okay with this) from time to time if you still need prayer.

When this group prays for you, they pray for healing in whatever is needed. None of us know what healing is for another.Only God knows.

For some it is reconciliation with a family member. For another, it is to die in peace. For another, it is to pray for leaders of the nations for discernement and healing

as they carry out their duties as peacemakers in our world.

If you would like the folks in the Prayer Chain to pray for you, please send an e-mail to our Priest, The Rev. Margaret Marquardt

Please let her know the prayer request and if you would like to be contacted.She will pass this onto Marjorie.


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