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St Thomas Accessibility Team


From our discussions at our Annual Church Retreat in the Spring and the early ideas and feedback we are getting from the MAP process, it has become very clear that St Thomas needs to address our accessibility to the church building, and to our washroom facilities for people with mobility issues.  We currently have only one wheelchair accessible ramp to the building and it only gains access to the sanctuary.  That means people in wheel chairs or who have other mobility issues either cannot or would find it very difficult to access our washrooms or the Lower or Upper Church Halls.

The Church Council, in order that we may fulfill our commitment to being a truly welcoming community to all, has decided we must tackle this issue sooner than later.  To this end we have started the St Thomas Accessibility Team.  The Team has the mandate to explore different options that the church may consider to make ourselves more accessible and to report back to the Church Council on the cost and time frame of such a project.  If you think you might be interested in being a part of this important team, please contact Patrick.  We know this will be a big project, but it will also be a large and lasting benefit to our community.  We have already had our first meeting, and our plans are underway, but we are absolutely open for new members on our team.  Please do consider your participation on the St Thomas Accessibility Team.




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