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Thanks Go To All For A Great Weekend


The lineup at the potluck begins

Many thanks and congratulations go to all those who helped out and participated in our weekend festivities.  The Humungous Potluck was just that.  Almost seventy people came and the food was more than fabulous.  The Centennial Team launched the church’s plans for the coming year of celebrations and festivities and we were once again reminded how many really great cooks there are at Saint Thomas!  Many thanks once again.

As well the Invite A Friend Sunday was a huge success.  There were many invited guests and they joined us after the service for fellowship and sandwiches (and some leftovers from the humungous potluck).  Many thanks to those who invited their friends and/or family and of course thanks also to the invitees themselves for coming and enjoying our community.  Hopefully some of them will com back again and visit us some time soon.  Patrick thinks the ‘Invite A Friend Sunday’ should most definitely be a yearly event.  Thanks again to all who participated.

We should open a restaurant!


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