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WE Are Building / Improving Again!


At the last meeting of the Church Council members voted in favour of some significant improvements to our sanctuary.  Currently our Healing Prayer Ministry that occurs during our service at Communion time, happens in the corner where we now have the votive candles.  The Worship Committee found this space to be restrictive in size and not wholly conducive to the privacy needed during Healing Prayers.  The proposal is to move our Healing Prayer Ministry to the north-west corner of the church where there are currently some bookcases.

Our plan is to move the bookcases out of that area and build some new ones in the Parents Room.  Indeed the biggest changes in this project will be in the Parents Room.  Along with new bookcases, which will be placed up on the walls and out of the reach of children, we will be putting in some cupboard space for  extra storage.  As well, the Parents Room will be getting a much needed face lift.  The walls and ceiling will be painted and a wood like finish will be placed along the lower portion of the walls so that paint or crayon that accidentally find their way onto them can be easily cleaned off.  As well a new laminate floor will be put in to again ensure it is kept looking clean.

We are also looking to replace the current rocking chair with a larger one that can more comfortably fit an adult.  As well we are looking to buy some new and appropriate plush toys and books for the room.  If you happen to know where we could purchase a nice wooden rocking chair please let Patrick know.  These will be exciting changes and we look to officially bless these improvements at a service early in the fall.      


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