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Ron Wickens

Born and schooled in Hamilton Ontario, I have a B.A. from McMaster University (1959) and an M.Th. from Trinity College, Toronto (1962). I was ordained deacon in 1962 and after a Curacy in St. Catharines, I was priested in 1963 and married Pat. Forty-seven years later we have four grown children and eight grandchildren.

Ron Wickens Portrait

We left the East in 1963 and moved first, to a 3-point parish at Kinistino, Saskatchewan and then to Nanaimo where I served as Director of Christian Education and Youth Worker.

We moved to this Diocese in 1968 where I served in St. Richard’s, North Vancouver to 1974 and in St. Margaret’s Vancouver until 1979. I then took training and was certified as a hospital Chaplain. I worked as Anglican Chaplain at Shaughnessy Hospital for ten years. After further training, I served as Interim Priest at Christ the King Parish (now St.Timothy’s), Burnaby, Holy Trinity, Vancouver and in 1996 the Bishop appointed me Parish Priest at St. John’s, Burnaby where I served until I retired, December 31, 2006.

Since retirement I have served as Interim Priest at St. Stephen’s, Burnaby for two and a half years and took Sunday Services here at St. Thomas for three months, and generally enjoyed myself.

I am grateful to the Priest and People who are St. Thomas’ Parish for the warm acceptance and love shown us from the beginning. I am especially grateful to our parish priest and council for inviting me to be your honorary assistant priest.

Go well in God’s love


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